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Bridget Rooney Koch is the granddaughter of the original owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers football franchise, Art Rooney (19011988).

According to Investopedia, the Kochs are the second richest family in America.

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. I. Davids twin, Bill Koch, is the founder and president of the Oxbow Group.

William Jr. Koch and Mary Clementine Robinson.

Kaitlin Rooney is the daughter of Bridget Rooney and Bill Koch.

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His son Charles took over as chairman.


The 81 years old Bill and 58 years old Bridget made their love successful as they seemed to be in deep love.

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Also,. In 2005, Koch married Bridget Rooney (b. From his mother's side, he has a stepsister named Kaitlin Koch. . Likewise, her maternal grandparents are Margaret Flesher and Frederic Flesher.

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