Im not weird am I he barely whispers the question.

. It's weird because I never see most females sitting in other female laps.


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" This position, with crossed legs and hands resting in the lap, is well rounded and symmetrical, reflecting an overall contentment and inner confidence," Phipps notes. She knows that sitting on your bfs lap makes him uncomfortable and embarrassed yet continues to do it anyway. Lap sitting is something usually done between couples but is also normal to see with very close friends or even family.

Sit on their legs also gotta say this because a disappointing amount of people dont know this Boner does not equal sexual arousal or interest and does not count as consent.

While you're sitting there. . Guy sit on his girlfriend lap that one and only mean he trusted on her as mother.

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Guys are a little too heavy usually, I&39;d do it at home and enjoy it because it feels intimate, but not in public.

and if your are confident in your relationship with that other person it shouldn&39;t matter. I&39;ve never had anyone ask to sit on my lap.

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"We were sitting on her couch watching Thor Ragnarok, and she went to get a.
I don't think it's weird.
It&39;s what he wants YOU to do to him when you find him sitting & talking.


I just dont wanna make it weird sitting on a male friends lap cause like what if he gets hard or something and, yea.

I have a strong pre-occupation, you might even call it an obsession. It&39;s unusual to see that happen especially in public since I don&39;t see other females sitting in other female laps. "We were sitting on her couch watching Thor Ragnarok, and she went to get a.

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But it's up to you to decide what feels right. Hi.

Also honestly hug your guy friend they probably need the emotional support.

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